Know Pranayama Better

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning, lengthening of the prana or breath. In other words, Pranayama means the art of breath control.It basically emphasizes on various breathing exercises that thoroughly invigorate the whole body and mind system.

How pranayama works

All the life force or Prana lies as dormant potential energy called the ‘pranashakti’ or ‘kundalini’. It resides at a center which is found just above the genital area, called the ‘mooladhara chakra’.

According to yoga, this prana flows from the base ‘mooladhara’ center up along the right side of the spinal column into the center which lies at the top of the spinal column. This center is called the ‘Ajna Chakra’. The prana also gets distributed to the whole body through a different set of nerve channels so that it reaches every atom of the body. This is how prana operates in the normal body and the scope of Pranayama is to extend this influence beyond the physical body.

Pranayama benefits the brain

Modern science has divided the brain into three parts: the new brain, the middle brain and the primitive brain. According to yoga, the primitive brain forms nine out of ten parts of the brain. These parts are ‘silent’ and unexplored. The next phase of evolution will see the development of these parts and Pranayama helps achieve that.

Pranayama helps create a greater quantum of prana and also purifies the channels that will carry this increased prana to these ‘silent’ areas of the brain. It is very important that the channels be purified first to cope up with the increased energy created by Pranayama.

   Other benefits

  •   Encourages proper nervous stimulus to the cardio-vascular system
  •   Dramatically reduces emotional and nervous anxiety
  •   Improves detoxification through increased exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen
  •   Amplifies the auto immune system by increased distribution of energy to the endocrine system
  •   Calms the mind and integrates the mental / physical balance.

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