Yoga to Improve Memory

Lack of memory power is one of the most common problems affecting most people. Memory loss may happen due to a variety of reasons like stress, sleeplessness, tiredness, anxiety, disturbing thoughts, inability to concentrate on one thing etc. The following article lists out the poses of yoga to improve memory. It is always advisable to seek the help of yoga practitioners before practicing yoga to improve memory.

Yoga to Improve Memory – Yoga asanas

There are different asanas or exercises in yoga designed for specific purposes. The following yoga asanas and exercises help boost memory power.


Regular practice of this asana supplies oxygen to the brain and improves blood circulation. This is recommended also for children as it enables retention of memory, grasping power and intelligence. Sarvanagasan also removes tiredness and obesity in children.


Bhujangasana is usually practiced for rejuvenation. This exercise is highly beneficial in bestowing practitioners with a sound memory. It keeps headache, slip disc, cervical spondilitis etc at bay.


Pranayama involves a series of deep breathing exercises. The beneficial effects of pranayama to the body is manifold. It increases the oxygen supply into the brain and thus enables better concentration.


Kapalbhatipranayam prevents clot formation in the brain, at the same time, nourishing it with oxygen and blood supply.


This exercise improves mental stability. It works effectively against depression, anxiety and nervous weakness which are some of the major factors which lead to lack of memory power.

These are the effective asanas and exercises of yoga to improve memory. So, start out the daily regime of yoga to boost your memory levels.

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