Things to Remember before Learning Yoga

Are you an amateur in the field of yoga and want to learn yoga? Here are some points you need to remember before you start learning yoga.

  • Most important point is to learn yoga under the guidance of a trained instructor. The instructor will have an understanding on the scientific basis of yoga practice and can guide you well on how to start yoga.
  • Although age and sex are irrelevant for learning yoga but one should keep in mind that children less than 8 years of age are not advised to practice yoga.
  • Menstruating or pregnant women are suggested to stay away from the poses which lay a huge pressure on the abdomen region.
  • Very old and very young people should avoid postures with extreme twists. After 12 years of age only yogic breathing exercises should be introduced.
  • Prefer an indoor room as a place to perform yoga but make sure that the ground is flat and plain.
  • If you want to perform yoga outdoor then make sure that the place is quite and peaceful as well as protected from rodents, insects and animals.
  • Morning time is the perfect time to practice yoga; you can choose evening time also. If you had a meal, its better to perform yoga after 5 hours.
  • Try not to overeat, instead take a nutritious and simple diet. Try and avoid spicy and hot food.
  • Sometimes there may be gap due to illness or work load but try to avoid lengthy and frequent gaps.
  • Always select light, loose fitting clothes. Practice yoga on a carpet or a mat but not at all on an uncovered ground.
  • If you are trying different combination of yogic techniques it is better to have a gap of 15 minutes in between two.

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