Yoga Beneficial For Cancer Patients

Yoga for cancer

The ancient Indian practice of yoga has numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits as revealed by research. For cancer patients, yoga can help to relieve emotional trauma and side effects of treatments. Many cancer patients suffer from mental stress, fatigue and severe pain. They can try yoga for cancer to soothe their nerves and strengthen their minds.

Pranayama for Cancer
Pranayama breathing techniques can relieve pain and discomfort. Yoga, pranayama and meditation can help cancer patients avoid negative thoughts about their condition and help them focus on healing. Yoga poses and breathing exercises help to strengthen and heal one’s physical and emotional self.

Yoga for Cancer
Many important cancer centers in the US are using yoga therapy to help patients. Yoga helps cancer patients relax themselves and improves their physical fitness. Yoga is not a stand-alone treatment procedure for cancer and other diseases. But, it certainly improves patients’ life quality by relieving anxiety and stress which the disease causes. Research reveals that yoga improves the emotional and social well-being of cancer patients.

Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients
Plenty of research has been conducted on the effectiveness of yoga for breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer patients. These studies reveal the following mental and physical benefits of yoga for cancer patients:

    • Combats the side effects of cancer treatment
    • Relieves anxiety, stress and tension
    • Reduces the levels of cortisol (stress hormone)
    • Improves the response of the immune system
    • Improves the coping ability of patients
    • Decreases insomnia and paves the way for quality sleep
    • Relieves depression symptoms
    • Relieves chronic pain
    • Enables cancer patients to exercise gently

The growing popularity of yoga and its undeniable benefits as revealed by research have made the medical community take notice of this complementary therapy. However, patients should not use yoga as a singular treatment procedure and delay conventional medical treatments. Those affected by heart diseases, arthritis and cancer should get permission from their doctor before practicing yoga. However, there is no doubt that yoga for cancer can help patients improve their quality of life and peace of mind even in their stressful situation.

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  1. Hi there my partners father has undergone treatment for leukemia and i would like to know if you can recommend a low impact form of yoga for him. book or dvd will be ultimate as he is still rarely able to leave the house. regards

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