Food Classification in Anna Yoga

Ayurveda lays heavy emphasis on food and diet. You can prevent the occurrence of 97% of all the health disorders if you have a healthy diet. Improper diet and faulty nutrition manifests itself in the form of unwanted appearance and condition, incorrect thought, behavior and action.

Foods are classified in three categories in Yoga.
RAJASIK FOODS: Rajasik Food literally means food of king. This means the food meant for a person of energetic disposition. Rajasik foods may be fried and highly seasoned or baked. Alcohol, processed beverages, sweets are a part of this classification.

Disadvantages – Such a diet imparts extra weight and fat to the body. They may also be difficult to digest at times.

– Tamsik Foods those foods meant for people of lethargic disposition. These foods are prepared by elaborate and extravagant methods incorporating excess spices, salts and hot seasonings.

Disadvantages – Owing to their heaviness, such foods are often difficult to digest. Therefore they tend to perpetuate laziness in people eating these foods.

SATVIK FOOD – Satvik foods are foods ideal for Yogis. They are cooked with minimum amount of spices and seasonings. They incorporate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and cooked in a manner that would not rob the food of its nutritive value. Even non vegetarian foods cooked in a light and simple manner are Satvik. Excessive seasoning and cooking may make even your healthiest vegetables Rajasik or Tamsik.

There are tremendous benefits of the Satvik foods. They are easily digestible and high in nutritive value. A Satvik diet will help you maintain a strong and healthy body with a stress free positive mind and positive spirituality. These are the main ingredients of a peaceful and happy life.

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