Yogic Way of Food

Vajrasan after meals

Research reveals that 97% of ailments are caused due to faulty nutrition and improper diet. This is the reason yoga places great importance on food. Anna yoga or yogic way of food is a separate branch that focuses on diet and eating healthy food. A proper diet is much required by the yoga practitioners, in-order to get desired results from yoga. By including yogic food in the list, you can achieve spiritual and emotional balance and maintain your weight. In this article, we reveal the yogic way of food.
Yogic Food

  • Ensure that you consume balanced and wholesome foods daily. Such foods are natural and simple, and free from processing additives.
  • A balanced diet of natural, whole foods ensures easy digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes.
  • Processed and synthetic foods affect digestion, which can cause mental and physical problems.
  • Yogic way of food can give you a healthy body and sound mind, free from stress. Thus, you can lead a happy and peaceful life by eating right.
Yogic Way of Food
  • Eat adequate quantities of vegetables and seasonal fruits every day.
  • Natural fruit juice is also great for health.
  • Drink liquids before or after the meal. It dilutes the digestive juices if taken while eating.
  • Eat only two major meals in a day. Those who do only desk work without much physical exertion must take care to eat minimum food.
  • Eat cooked foods first and raw after(salads). Raw takes longer to digest and will back up the digestive process if eaten first.
  • Stop eating when your stomach feels half full. Remember to eat for need and not for greed.
  • Do not drink water during your meals as this will prevent proper digestion.
  • Do not eat immediately after your yoga or pranayama practice.
  • Do not go to sleep immediately after dinner.
  • You should eat minimum food, when you fall ill.
  • Give up the easiest food first until comfortable.
  • Always avoid eating spoiled, fermented or stale food.
  • Try and avoid, white sugar, artificial anything, and refined, processed foods.
  • Pay attention to your chewing while eating. Do not distract yourself by reading a book or watching television.
  • After your meal, sit for a few minutes in Vajrasan. Then walk about for some time to aid proper digestion.
  • You can try fasting after getting the green signal from your doctor.
  • You should drink plenty of water every day to eliminate toxins from the body and to pave the way for easy bowel movements and evacuation of wastes.

Yogic Way of Food and its Benefits:

  • Yoga diet is considered as the purest diet.
  • It nourishes mind and body
  • It maintains peaceful and stable state
  • Most suitable for any student who practices yoga
  • Purifies mind and enables it to perform at a maximum speed.

Common sense is important to adhere to the yogic way of food. Always eat in moderation and refrain from toxic habits like smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol. Do not eat too much of heavy food that is difficult to digest. Simple, healthy and nutritious food is all that is required to keep your body and mind functioning effortlessly and effectively. Yogic food is proven to build a strong body and mind, it drives you on the path of enlightenment and longevity.

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