Liberating Experience of Naked Yoga

Naked yoga

Practicing Yoga is altogether a liberating experience. Yoga is a philosophy in life that helps in the overall development of your body and mind. In fact, yoga helps you take your soul beyond your mind and body. Among the most liberating techniques in yoga, Naked Yoga or Nude Yoga is gaining immense importance.

What is Naked or Nude Yoga?

As the name suggests, Naked Yoga is a yoga technique practiced without any clothes on your body.

Benefits of Naked Yoga:

The initial feeling attached to this concept of shedding your clothes and being naked might be very unappealing and also offensive. But when practiced, this opens up new liberating horizons for you. It teaches you that there is nothing uncomfortable about your naked body. In other words, it liberates you by making you feel ‘at home with your body’.

Naked yoga may prove a hard task to grasp in the initial days. This is because nudity can be very distracting and may be a challenge to your concentration. But, with regular practice and with the help of your Yoga instructor, you can win over these distractions. The major objective during the sessions of naked yoga is to enable you to feel free in your body and eliminate concerns about your physical imperfections. This technique can help you win over the discomfort about your body and self-consciousness.

Nudity is usually discussed as a socially unaccepted practice in both eastern and western continents; because of which naked yoga has been taking a back seat in all continents. But the positive motive of this yoga has been converting many yogis to become ardent proponents of naked yoga.

In a nut shell, naked yoga encourages a new appreciation for the physical, mental, and spiritual being in your self.

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18 responses to Liberating Experience of Naked Yoga

  1. I am a registered yoga teacher and been teaching coed nude yoga for 4 years now. The benefits you cite are indeed real. But, it isn’t as much of a challenge as people make it out to be. The nudity isn’t a distraction – that is a silly premise.

    My classes are based on the idea of respect, respect for your self and others. The class is designed to make sure that people are comfortable, in an honest, sincere and safe way.

    Unlike so many “hot nude yoga” classes which seem more about the “hot” and the “nude” than about the yoga, my class is all about the yoga and nothing else.

  2. People I know who do their yoga at home in solitude generally do it naked, for reasons of naturalness of feeling and to more completely fill the physical with consciousness/energy. The question is really whether or not a sense of modesty suggests we cover some parts of our nudity when with others, especially in close quarters.

  3. Naked yoga is the only way to go. Curiously, the naysayers out there typically have never tried it, so they are reacting on fantasy, not fact.

  4. I too have been doing nude yoga under a great yoga master. We have begun here in Jamaca doing it with butt plugs and get to feel the release
    and its great. I am 22 amd most of the people are under 30 and work in the resorts here

  5. If you have never practiced naked, you are not whole.

  6. Doing yoga nude is the only way to do it. Particularly in hot climates.
    I prefer to practice my yoga in solitude and in the nature, in this way it becomes meditation in motion and I feel like I am one with the nature.

  7. I’ve been a nudist for years and it has taught me unity of mind body and soul. Yoga should do the same, so combining them seems natural. Now, if only I could find a group near me.

  8. Yoga is amazing. Doing it naked is sick perversion of a wonderful and healthy practice. Wear a leotard and keep the revolting nudity for the bathroom.

  9. nude yoga is good and healthy,i do it alone or with woman/s

  10. sam said on March 5, 2008

    hello, can you tell me where the coed nude yoga classes are held? Thank you.

  11. yoga

  12. “Yoga is amazing. Doing it naked is sick perversion of a wonderful and healthy practice. Wear a leotard and keep the revolting nudity for the bathroom.”

    Since when is nudity “revolting?” There is nothing sick nor perverted about the human body, and if you call it “revolting” then I think you have a few issues with your own.

  13. I have been doing yoga in the nude for so many years that I would now no longer enjoy it wearing any form of clothing. I find being nude both exhilarating and enjoyable and am sorry for anyone that considers nudity sick or perverted.

  14. Dear viewers,
    Practicing nude yoga by common people will pervert there mind.One should not forget the attraction the opposite sex has always and when they see naked doing excercise. is not a healthy sign. doing naked yoga needs lot of maturity of thoughts and practice of ‘Yam and Niyam taught by Patanjali muni

  15. To Caroline who said: “Yoga is amazing. Doing it naked is sick perversion of a wonderful and healthy practice. Wear a leotard and keep the revolting nudity for the bathroom.”

    There is nothing revolting about the human body. It is a work of art. However, practicing naked yoga in a public environment with others may not be up everyone’s alley.

    If you find your body revolting then I highly suggest you seek professional help in order to overcome your troubled thoughts. It’s not healthy in any way shape or form.

  16. i want to know nude yoga classes in around cochin

  17. Our society condems nudity and makes many feel ashamed to be nude.Our bodies are temples. When you grow spiritually, the true understanding of becoming one evolves.Naked yoga is NOTHING sexual. The powerful flow of energy is incredible. Anyone going for sexual reasons will soon feel NAKED and out of place. Its a place of deep peace and energy exchange. All day long we are confined in clothes and mind. Its nice to break free in the most complete form.

  18. staying in kerala,kannur,India.Interested in naked yoga,Nobody is here to teach,Kerala culture will not agree this.I do agree with it<need ur reply soon.

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